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IF Competition 2010 - Annotated Transcripts

Annotated transcripts from most of the IF Comp 2010 games.

Most of the annotations are just grumbling and noting bugs, but occasionally I have other things to say. I'd hoped to find more time to write interesting annotations, but I didn't. Call this a technical experiment rather than a critical one.

The HTML transcripting is still in development, so some of the formatting improves in the later transcripts. The most obvious thing is that screen clears are ignored in the first few games, but in the later ones they are shown as dotted lines.

I'm not sure how publishing transcripts stands on copyright grounds. In theory I could publish only the annotations and my commands, and have readers recreate the annotated transcripts by combining these with the games. But that's too difficult, and anyway I don't want to annoy authors (or I only want to annoy them by insulting their games, not by infringing their copyrights). So I'll happily take transcripts down if authors ask me to.

Spoilers are unavoidable, obviously, unless you just want to read the first few moves of each game and stop before I start trying to solve puzzles.

The games are listed in the order I played them: